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   Hello There...

Thank you for visiting us today! We are BeanBu, and we strive to create an informative and inclusive community where everyone can feel that they belong.

Each and every product we offer, whether they be our videos or clothing, were created with you in mind.

We value the importance of transparency, quality, and the cultivation of your enjoyable, memorable experiences! 

The Creators

BeanBu & Co. · No Problem

BeanBu is a brand that emphasizes artistic uniqueness, style, and esteemed quality. All our products are self-designed and hand-picked! New art and items are added almost weekly, along with high-quality Youtube videos for your entertainment. BeanBu also offers cinematic video production & portrait photography services! Shoot us a message for any requests or comments - we love to hear from you!

Seohyun is a 23 year old South Korean Singer/Songwriter, Artist and Designer. 




2019 Berklee College of Music UnderGraduate
2022 Berklee NYC Masters Graduate

Co-Founder & Head Designer of BeanBu
Seohyun Kim
Devin is a 24 year old from Madison, Mississippi who has spent his years as a Professional Software Developer, Fashion Model, Photographer, Videographer and Musician. Devin has shot for brands like Puma, Nike, and Adidas and uses his knowledge from those experiences to produce amazing work for our clients!
CEO & Co-Founder
Devin Brown
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